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Our Legal Services

With combined experience of over sixty years, the attorneys of Dranias, Harrington & Wilson have successfully handled hundreds of cases and legal transactions.

Facilitating the Creation of Wealth

In today's competitive market, retaining the right legal team is a business necessity.  To facilitate your success, Dranias, Harrington & Wilson offers a wide range of legal services for businesses.

Protecting the Rights of the Injured

The law protects the injured.  If someone is responsible for your injury, you have a right to be compensated.  But the law is complex.  It requires legal expertise.  If you are serious about protecting yourself, you need the sword and shield of a qualified law firm.

Services for Life

The law does not exist simply to serve businesses and to protect the injured.  Interpreted and applied by a skillful attorney, the law can provide a secure foundation for personal financial planning and restructuring.  In skilled hands, the law can also provide clear guidance for the resolution of all serious disputes, including domestic disputes.
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