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What would become Dranias, Harrington & Wilson began with "Idarius & Associates" in 1947. Many years later, Attorney Clarence Idarius was approached by Attorney Constantine N. Dranias with the idea of pooling their litigation talents. The discussions between the attorneys culminated in the establishment of "Idarius, Hoard, Dranias & Karp" in 1966. The firm then set out to develop a legal practice that would be more evenly distributed among personal injury litigation, business representation and general practice. In 1978, Attorney Robert A. Wilson joined the firm (five years later, Attorney Wilson would leave the firm to take a position as Chief Attorney in the Worker's Compensation and Injury Division of the Chicago Board of Education). The firm became known as "Idarius, Dranias & Associates" in 1979. In 1985, shortly after Clarence Idarius passed away, Attorney Keith W. Harrington became associated with Idarius, Dranias & Associates. Subsequently, after having developed extensive experience in the defense of Worker's Compensation claims, Attorney Wilson returned to the firm in 1991. In recognition of attorneys Wilson and Harrington, the firm's name was changed to "Dranias, Harrington & Wilson" in 1996. 
Dranias, Harrington & Wilson is not a partnership.  It is an association of independent professionals